Sunday, 1 November 2015

Earn Online Money



    Earning money from the Internet is a very popular job these days. Earning online is beneficial for us in many ways. Earning eMoney is a very simple and easy process. You can easily earn a lot for less work. Also you can buy on eBay, Amazon... using the money you earn.

    You just need a few things to start off. A computer/mobile phone, an Internet connection and general computer knowledge. Yes. Having a website/blog is a plus point. You can also do it without a website/blog. However having a website helps to capture a lot of audience. You can start off without a website/blog and later make one.

   I'm going to explain three eMoney earning methods in this post.

  1. Link shortening method
  2. File sharing method
  3. Popads method

Link shortening method

This is the simplest of all methods. All you've got to do is to shorten links with the site I give you and share them.When someone visits the link, he is shown an ad. After 5 seconds a 'Skip ad' button appears. When the button is clicked, the visitor is redirected to the original page you shortened. You earn for every visitor.

Example link:

You can do this without a website/blog. You can shorten links of popular webpages and share them in social media(Facebook, Google+, Youtube etc). If you have a website, this method becomes much easier. You could easily capture audience. If you offer downloads at your website/blog, you could shorten the download link and earn money from it.

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If you have a website/blog, you can use tools on the site you just signed up to show and ad to every visitor or turn every link on your website/blog to money earning links. This site's withdrawal options are Paypal, Payoneer and Webmoney.

File sharing method

You can try this method with or without a website/blog. But having a website makes it easy. What you need to do is to upload files to the site I give you and share the download links. When someone tries to download the file, he is shown a survey.

Example download page:

You earn for the number of surveys completed for your files. You could earn upto 16$ for a single survey. You can share the download links of your files on social media or your website/blog.

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Make money with dollarupload

The site which you just signed up on offers services like website locker and link locker.You can show-up the survey for a file on your own website/blog, using the website locker. You can lock links using link locker tool. When someone visits the link, he is asked to complete a survey to continue. This site's withdrawal options are Skrill, Paypal, Bitcoins, Payza, Dwolla and ACH.

Popads method

You need a website or a blog to try this method. You have to put popup and popunder ads of the site I am giving you. You earn for every visitor who views an ad. You can almost double your income by enabling adult content (optional).

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After signing up, you need to add your websites or blogs to this site. After the sites are approved by them, you need to copy the code given by them to your website's <head> tag. /you can add many websites or blogs.This site's withdrawal options are Paypal, AlertPay and Wire.

Finally I would like to give you a little advice. My advice is not to give it up at the beginning. It might be difficult for you when you start it off. But when you learn the tips and tricks bit by bit, when the number of visitors increases, your income will also be increased. Your rates will also be increased as your account gets older. So be a little patient. When I started off my daily income was around 1$. Now it has raised to 50$. I think earning eMoney is the easiest way to become a millionaire. Isn't it?

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